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Motorcycling behavior of students and general traffic pattern in the city of Dezful, Iran

(2016) Motorcycling behavior of students and general traffic pattern in the city of Dezful, Iran. Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications. pp. 51-59. ISSN 0974-6455

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Motorcycles is welcomed as popular means of transport for people indifferent communities and the general public especially young population. However, about a quarter of all road deaths occur among motorcyclists. Motorcyclist's mortality ratio has remained largely unchanged since 2010. There is an intense cultural interest among teenagers and young adults in Dezful to ride motorcycles which has contributed to high prevalence of related accidents in this study. This study partially reported here, aimed at enhancing safety behavior of student motorcyclists in Dezful and so reduce the number of motorcyclists related road accidents. This fi rst setp, reported in this paper, was identifying the general pattern of traffi c accidents as well as motorcycling behavior of students. This paper reports the descriptive (cross sectional) phase of study a comprehensive motorcycle accident and injury prevention project in male high school students in Dezful of country Iran. A survey was carried out on 148 students utilizing cluster sampling method. In addition offi cial report of related organization were reviewed to extract the pattern of motorcycle related accidents in the city. The students had an average daily riding of motorcycle of about 3 h and most of them (87) had started motorsports before the age of 15 years. A percentage of 46.6 of students had a history of motorcycle accident. The most frequent causes of their accidents were carelessness (14.3), trick (7.4) and lack of observance of priority right (5.4). The most common risky behaviors included: illegal overtaking, having pillion, running from red lights and not necessarily checking before redirecting. Accident statistics from different sources were contradictory, but all sources showed an increase in motorcycle related accidents and injuries over time, but reduced mortality in last years. Human factors play important roles in road safety for its users including motorcycle riders. Considering the fact that many motorcycle riders in Dezful possess no license as they are below the age of 18 years, lack of proper education and training, inadequate riding skills and also poor emotional management and rational thinking at this age, expose them and other road users to higher risk. Any prevention program should stress on local pattern of the problem and also local determinants of the risk.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: motorcycle motorcyclist behavior accidents traffic injury iran injury severity risk road drivers period age Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology
Page Range: pp. 51-59
Journal or Publication Title: Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications
Journal Index: ISI
Volume: 9
ISSN: 0974-6455
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